6 Services You Can provide to Your Client So That They Never Want to Go Shop Online
6 Services You Can provide to Your Client So That They Never Want to Go Shop Online

1. Personalised Attention

Greet Him/ Her by Name. Everyone loves being remembered. A Website uses cookies or asks you to log in, here, he should be logged in automatically as he walks in into your premises.
Train your staff to ask for a name and use it as much as possible during your interaction with them in your store.
Tip: Always use a respectful Prefix or Suffix with the name - Mrs Arora, Sharma ji, Raghav Sir.

B. Maintain a record of what they have been purchasing. Bring it up in the conversation. I remember you took the CK frame last time you were here - did you enjoy wearing it?

2. Sincere Advice

Try not to be driven by a one-time sale value. Place yourself in their shoes. Whenever you are buying something, you like to go to a person who gives you the most genuine advice. If you make him spend more than he wanted, he may not want to come back.

Recommend lenses based on the need. Do not be afraid to spend as much time as required to explain the benefits. Do not take shortcuts there. Add examples of other customers experiences on comfort, ease of use, and maintenance.

Do not hesitate to recommend a single vision lens even if they have the budget for a progressive if you know the progressive will not be the best solution for them.

Recommend frames based on personality, comfort and usage, not a brand name. The last benefit you should sell is the brand name. Explain the benefits of material, hinges, nose bridge size, temple length and construction styling.

3. Keep them Informed

one feature that customers love about online shopping is they know exactly when they can expect their shipment. We live in an age of information. Develop a system of informing them if their order is ready or delayed. Call them to let them know if there is a delay and when exactly you will have it ready. Customers tend to be annoyed when they arrive at the store to realise that their order is not ready ( or if there was a miscommunication about the pickup date or time )

The icing on the cake: make it Super Personal! for example:
“ Hi, Akshay. The glasses that you ordered with us are ready. I am sure you are excited about donning a new look. Please feel free to drop by anytime between 11.00 Am to 8:00 pm tomorrow to pick them up “
Rajiv Mehta,
Mehta opticals.

4. Keep a Stock of their hard to find products

Odd prescriptions? Difficult to procure lenses ? - 6.00/-.3.25/150 ?
Keep them with you in stock for valued clients! Sit with your computer for some time, see what lenses your valued clients keep ordering. And surprise them with the fastest delivery in the country!

They will forget the discounts if your delivery time is much better . You can also do the same for spectacle frames of very small sizes, very large sizes, very unique colours and very unique styles.

They may not sell fast, but they will help you set yourself apart from the websites who sell only the standard stuff!

5. Invest in Technology!

Most of us shy away from investing in Technology, presuming it is an expense.

That phoropter, that new chair unit, that auto edger - and hold your breath - that new software!

Your competition - the website guy we all love to hate, invests constantly in updating the technology. Hardware and software.

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Keep a budget aside for some upgrades on a semi-annual or annual basis. Use tools provided by companies to educate the clients. The old progressive comparison chart does not impress your clients - go digital!

6. Go Omni Channel!

Omnichannel is the future! It means your client must be able to have information about you or reach you in instant.

Omnichannel does not mean you have to have a complete e-commerce website. It just means allowing your client to find you wherever they look. Google /Facebook/Instagram/ Twitter and at least a small website (nicely done) which lets your personal strength to be highlighted.

And if it means allowing your clients to re-order contact lenses from you rather than a website at the tips of their fingers on their mobile - it is an easy solution to achieve.