Are you losing your sunglass business to online or multi store retailers?
Are you losing your sunglass business to online or multi store retailers?

Top 5 Things an Optician Can Do to Regain the Sunglass Business.

1. Smarter Inventory

a) Make a list of all shapes and designs and colours. Make sure you have the most popular current styles and concepts available in the price range your clients go for the most. You can buy best wholesale sunglasses from online B2B optical wholesaler Speccasa, Speccasa has all new design and styles of sunglasses.

b) Try and focus on products which make you some profit rather than only selling the most famous brands which are anyways available online at huge discounts - remember, more profit you make, more styles you can invest in!

c) Go for buying days to complete your inventory by styles, not to complete targets!

2. Innovative Bundles

a) Offer your contact lens and spectacle buyers special discounts or offer to sell extra pairs of sunglasses, Turn over your inventory faster.

b) Create special invites for their birthday and anniversary to allow them to gift themselves or their parents/partners a Sunglass - remember they are already hunting for a gift!

c) Let them be informed of any special gift that brand is bundling with the purchase up front - malls do it, websites do it - So should you! The customer is always hunting for a special deal.

3. Made to Order Styling

This is your USP! No Website or Mall can offer customization of colours in a sunglass, made to power by the choice of multiple colours - Offer to make them an extra pair of lenses for their sunglass, sometimes free of charge - if they go and ask this facility in a mall or on a website - the only answer they will find is No !

4. Quick Exchange / Return

Ask any young person how they can choose a sunglass on a website without knowing how it will look on them and the answer will be “If I don’t like it, I can always return it “

We show and sell, and yet the client may not feel confident about his or her choice. Make it easier for them to return or exchange the product within 10 -15 days of purchase.

5. Creative Displays

Create Themes - Like Brown and Pink mirrors, Aviators, Club masters - Only displaying by brand is the way for Malls and Websites, as a speciality store, you can mix the collections in different ways!

Today’s customer wants to see lots of styles together
Mix props with displays - Xmas themes, summer ideas (yes, watermelons too!)